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Movie “Saint Laurent” 5/23/15

May 23, 2015

After the excellent movie “Dior and I” this movie was a perfect choice to follow. Few days before Christian Dior passed away he named Yves Saint Laurent as his successor. Saint Laurent was only 21 to manage one of most celebrated house. Knowing Saint Laurent’s creative mind and his creation in fashion world I was expecting this movie as his biographical celebration. But Saint Laurent was famous being a alcohol and drug addict. This movie emphasizes almost ONLY on his demon side and his sexual orientation.  The movie is directed and co-written by Bertrand Bonello, and has Gaspard Ulliel as Yves  Saint Laurent, Jeremie Renier as his life long partner Pierre Berge, and Louis Garrel as Jacques de Bascher. Ulliel is a real look-alike of YSL, and he brings us an amazing atmosphere as a sensitive genius. The theme and actors are excellent, but the movie does not have descent direction and script. I am puzzled how YSL’s family and friends approved this movie…



大相撲 夏場所 5/22/15

May 23, 2015



Manuel de Falla “El amor brujo” with LA Phil and Siudy Garrido Flamenco Dance Company 5/21/15

May 21, 2015

This week Gustavo Dudamel and LA Phil are performing multi media concerts featuring de Falla’s El Amor Brujo with Siudy Garrido Flamenco Dance Company and guests dancers. First of all de Falla’s affectionate music is so perfect to be collaborated with flamenco dance. The beautiful lighting and costumes add different dimention into this production. The dancers, Siudy Carrido, Farruquito, and Antonio Canales, are virtuoso in their style and very expressive and energetic. They are just amazing! Most importantly Dudamel and LA Phil make a great team to perform affectionately and dynamically. If you know de Falla’s music this production will give you a new direction. If you don’t know his music it is a great chance. The program includes de Fall “Suite No. 2 from The Three-Cornered Hat” and Rodrigo “Concierto de Aranjuez” with Angel Romero.

Jonathan Biss with LACO 5/20/15

May 20, 2015

I went to listen Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s last concert of 2014-15 season, and the soloist was one of my favorite pianists, Jonathan Biss! He played Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, and it was just beautiful. It was very thoughtful, yet very simple and sincere. Also it was joyful. He has amazing tone colors. He should come to LA more often. After listening his performance I got very curious about his teaching style. You can find many interesting videos of Jonathan Biss, interviews, masterclass, and performances, on YouTube. LACO provided a complimentary refreshment after the concert to celebrate the end of the season! It is mid-May, and we are heading to summer schedule, including myself :)


May 20, 2015

私は、一人の簡単昼食が好きだ。俗に言う、手抜きっていう事ですけどね。例えば、今日、お蕎麦がどうしても食べたくなって、冷やし中華風に、ゆでたお蕎麦の上に、野菜、ハム、大根おろし、そして仕上げに鰹節と海苔で完成。そばつゆをまんべんなくかけて、頂きます!ちゃちゃちゃっと作って、さっと食べる。至福の時です。ご飯をハンバーガー風にして、残り物をご飯に挟み、海苔で巻いて食べるのもおつ。前夜のカツなどが、最適で、佃煮や、煮物もOK. まあ、食いしん坊で、これから死ぬまで、どれくらい美味しいご飯が食べられるかなあ、と日々考えている私ですから!派手にすることはなく、簡単が一番。そして、夕食など、手をかけて作る時は、魂こめて作る。結論として、とにかく私は料理が好きなんだと、思います。

2015 May It is Soba Noodle! I love to make a quick lunch at home :)

地下鉄に乗って 浅田次郎  講談社文庫 5/11/15

May 11, 2015


シューカツ 石田衣良   文芸春秋  5/11/15

May 11, 2015


新宿遊牧民  椎名誠  講談社  4/30/15

April 30, 2015


Movie “Dior and I” 4/30/15

April 30, 2015

First of all I enjoyed this movie deeply. It is well-written. We can experience the inside of Christian Dior’s fashion house, which has a long tradition, in this movie. I love fashion, and I have style I like to wear so the fashion is important for me. Frédéric Tcheng, a director of this movie, has great eyes emotionally and practically, and he follows Raf Simon’s first haute couture collection as a new director. With Simons’ great and confident vision the preparation for the show develops, but with the turmoil of seamstresses and staff members. First they don’t know him. He does not speak French well. But his creation is beautiful and very artistic while it is practical. You must see this movie!

With Your Own Two Hands: Self-Discovery Through Music Seymour Bernstein 4/28/15

April 28, 2015

After seeing the recent movie about Seymour Bernstein I read this book to follow. First of all I could not find the original book in English (of course!) so I checked out the book translated in Japanese at the LA Public Library. I must say the translation is not good unfortunately. The language is not smooth… Anyway I read Bernstein’s book in Japanese! It is very helpful for piano players who play piano for pleasure. Plus in this confusing translation I am not sure how much I understood what he really wanted to say. Japanese people tend to like hearing or reading sweet things, and it may be the translation ??, but to me some of the chapters are too sweet for professional musicians. I should read the original English book someday!