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Robert Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze, Op. 6 10/7/16

October 7, 2016

I have been in love with Robert Schumann’s Davidsbundlertanze. After coming back from the summer concerts I decided to learn this piece. I have played several Schumann pieces, but I never had a chance to play Davidsbundlertanze. This was basically written for the wedding gift to Clara. He took the opening melody from Clara’s Mazurka Op. 6 and he switched around Carnival (Op. 9) and Fantasiestuck (Op. 12) to match Op. number for Davidsbundlertanze to her Mazurka. Carnival and other pieces were written before Davidsbundlertanze.

There are 18 small movements (piano cycle) and each shows different mood and attitude according to Florestan and Eusebius. There is a lot of affection, of course. You hear Robert calling Clara’s name, Clara and Robert are joking each other, they are having fun, sometimes they are anxious and nervous, Robert singing serenade for her, he hears her voice in distance, Robert is happy to see her beautiful smile, They argue… And the piece ends with many Cs. C is the first letter from Clara. Robert later said he was the happiest when he was writing this piece.

I performed Davidsbundlertanze yesterday for the first time in public. I had a hard time controlling myself not being involved too much. I am just in love playing it.

Noon to Midnight “Green Umbrella” Concert 10/7/16

October 7, 2016

Fantastic combination of compositions were presented at Green Umbrella on Saturday October 1. I truly enjoyed listening the concert, but also being there was something very special. The Disney Concert Hall had an energy. Noon to Midnight project had so many aspects, and I went for the Green Umbrella part which is from 1000 crickets singing in BP Hall, 13 years-old virtuoso violist, Marley Erickson,  playing (she walked through the hall while she was performing) a demanding piece, 17 years old clarinetist and composer, Andrew Moses, presented his amazing world to us, It was so wonderful to hear Timo Andres again and to chat with him afterwards…. The music is alive. The music is a life itself.

秘密の花園 三浦しをん  新潮文庫 10/1/16

October 1, 2016

「花園」とは、まさに言ったもの! 高校女子達の、現実かつ、宇宙的に非現実な物語。私もカトリックの女子校に中学だけ行ったから、何となく雰囲気がつかめてしまう。その可憐さと、残酷さが。取り澄ました制服に閉じ込められた真実は、外からは絶対見えない。私は、小さいころから、辛いことが結構あって(実は困難に耐え切れず、家出までした経験の持ち主)、そこから逃げるために、自分によく、「ここは死後の世界だよ。前は楽しかったんだけど。。」などと言い聞かせていた。自分であること、自分を生きること、永遠のテーマ。どの作品にも、美しい表現がたんと詰まった三浦さんの小説。この一冊も、どのページにも、詩が舞っている。

豪栄道関、優勝おめでとう! 9/26/16

September 26, 2016


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch 9/26/16

September 26, 2016

I joined Highland Park Book Club this month and this is their choice for September. I tend to read Japanese books, mainly I am familiar with the authors, but I wanted to explore American literature. It is an entertaining book, that is sure. I told in the book club meeting this book is like music. It goes slow, fast, getting loud and getting soft. It is exciting. The main topic is a science fiction, but the theme is to search “Happiness”. It is twisty, violent, affectionate…. All of us have this big question in our lives, what if I chose a different school? different partner? different job? All of us constantly are forced to choose one out of some choices daily. Which route to take? then accident? One book club member commented that the geography in Chicago is not accurate in this book (!). Anyway it is a fun book to read! Blake Crouch is a talented author.

「ロスアンジェルス相撲愛好会」発足! 9/18/16

September 18, 2016


A Movie “Complete Unknown” 9/12/16

September 12, 2016

I always love Rachel Weisz’ movies… But not this one. The movie has a good point “changing identities”. That could be people’s desire, sometime. But the movie is beyond fantasy. No one can be a first class medical doctor, first class science researcher, first class artist, first class performer in few year!!! Also the ending is really poor. No recommendation for this movie.

私が語りはじめた彼は 三浦しをん  新潮文庫  9/10/16

September 11, 2016


シャイロックの子供たち 池井戸潤 文芸春秋 9/10/16

September 11, 2016


夕映え天使  浅田次郎 新潮社 9/10/16

September 11, 2016