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Joe Garrett (May 2, 1954 – March 22, 2014)

March 30, 2014

Joe was an amazing brother-in-law for me for last 20 years. He passed away last Saturday with a pancreatic cancer. It was 10 months after the diagnoses. He went through very difficult treatments, but he gave us precious moments to share. He is in peace now. He helped me when I had to endure the tough time. Thank you, Joe, for including me in Garrett family! I remember Joe forever for his thoughtfulness, warm heart, kindness, wit and silliness…..


Piano Recital “Romance on Piano” in Bird Studio, Occidental College on Wednesday 3/26, at 12:50pm

March 22, 2014

Romance, Romance, Romance…! Composers tell love stories in their music. I will perform some of most beautiful music from Romantic and Impressionistic periods and talk about anecdotes on composers and pieces. Please join me!

2014 March 26 Recital Poster


大相撲が熱い! 2014年3月22日

March 22, 2014


A Movie “Gloria” 3/1/14

March 1, 2014

I saw this movie little while ago. Gloria (Poulina Garcia) is a “woman of a certain age”-2 grown up children and has an office job, but still feels/wants to feel young.  The story is based in the life in Santiago. Though lonely after the divorce, she makes the best of her situation and fills her night seeking love at social dance clubs for single adults.  She is NOT shy at all. She goes!! Her life changes the day she meets Rodolfo. Their intense passion (it looked to me as very Latino culture.. It may not happen in Japan so often)  and love affair moves very quickly.  She hopes and she is devastated. Going through this affair she discovers her strength. At the end she acts triumphantly. It is directed by Sebastian Lelio. It is a fun movie!

Debussy: L’Isle joyeuse and Rain… 3/1/14

March 1, 2014

Los Angeles has been having a big rain. The city is not made for rain so anytime we have some rain it causes some troubles. Anyway I was practicing Debussy’s L’Isle joyouse in my piano studio at Occidental College yesterday. I love my studio there. The building is old (I discovered many century old music in my recent cleaning ups in studio!) and very cozy :) As I was practicing L’Isle joyouse, which is associated with composer’s flight with Emma Bardac to the isle of Jersey and portraits their new love affair, the rain outside was getting harder and harder. I was so inspired and so excited to play this piece. It was rare experience to have. The music and the sound of rain was going together to make a huge crescendo toward the climactic moment in the piece. So fun!!

A Movie – Dallas Buyers Club 2/10/14

February 10, 2014

It is just an amazing movie, one of the strongest movies I ever seen. This movies portraits every single side of human, ugliness, beauty, irrational mind, courageous, love, hate, sex, addiction, bias, humanity…. Of course Matthew McConaughey is doing, to me, more than any human can do as an actor, and a co-star, Jared Leto is doing exceptional work. This is the kind of movie that makes you feel good after leaving a theatre even though the ingredients are often very tough to watch and accept. If you have not seen Dallas Buyers Club you must see it.

LA Phil Green Umbrella Concert 2/1/14

February 1, 2014

LA Phil’s Green Umbrella Concert on Tuesday January 28 included a wonderful program of Boulez, Carter, and Van der AA. I mostly went to listen Van der AA’s Up-close, but I enjoyed all of the pieces. First of all the conductor, Grad Lubman, is amazing, technically and musically. His hands were very musical. They were really parts of music making. Boulez created a beautiful atmosphere and interesting conversation between the instruments. Carter was very interlectual and technical. And after the intermission Up-close, a cello concerto with string ensemble and video, was played. I loved this piece. The soloist, Johannes Moser, offered everything, even he acted and became a part of video story. Multi-media compositions are trendy, but this piece is so cohesive between music and video story and that effect makes Up-close so strong. Moser is the first male cellist to play this piece because the character in video is a female.

A Movie – Inside Llewyn Davis 2/1/14

February 1, 2014

‎I saw this movie little while ago, but I have been extremely busy.. The story depicts a life of this young folk song singer, Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), in the scene of the Greenwich Village in 1960′. Isaac’s singing is remarkable. Llewyn is struggling to make it as a musician, but he misses so many opportunities because of his ego and inflexibility. He lives depends on his friends’ help, sleeping on couches in their houses most of time. I found this movie as not pleasant and destructive. I did not feel good at the end. Yes, the music and the acting is good, but I feel something is missing inside..

年の始めに思うこと  1/11/2014

January 11, 2014


皆様の2014年、どんな幕開けですか? 今年はこんなことに挑戦するぞ!とか、是非長年の目標を達成したいとか、いろいろあると思います。もちろん、家族、友人達、そして世界のすべての人々の、幸せと健康、平和を願う気持ちは、私も皆様と同様です。




A Movie – American Hustle 1/10/2014

January 10, 2014

Last week I had few hours to spend before the flight to take so I chose to watch a movie! I usually avoid real (!) Hollywood movies, except Woody Allen and Ben Stiller, but I did not have much to choose in this circumstance. Actually I enjoyed this movie more than I expected :)  Great acting and casting! This movie tells the story of a brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), along with his partner, a seductive and beautiful British (!) Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). There are many twists in the script, and we are constantly tricked! The story will include the FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), who pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers, Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) as a passionate New Jersey politician, and Irving’s wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), who could be the one to pull the thread to crash down the world. American Hustle depicts raw emotion and life.