Berliner Philharmoniker Concert in LA 11/27/09

November 28, 2009

I went to listen their concert in LA on Tuesday 24. It was the second night of their 2 concerts in LA. It was just amazing, the energy, great sound, fantastic individual playing, wonderful ensemble-. I could tell that everyone in the Disney Hall was listening deeply. The audience was so quiet. I did not hear the coughing and paper noise at all!  Berliner captured us!

The program was Schoenberg/Chamber Symphony No. 1 Op. 9, Brahms/Symphony No. 2, and Wagner/Meistersinger Prelude. Each player seemed playing like solo. Everybody was playing their best of best. The sound was clear and full. And it was great to feel the great relationship between Sir Rattle and musicians. I am sure most of musicians are related to those 3 composers on the concert through their teachers and family. It is a tradition! It is a proud!

I saw many musician friends in the audience and we were so excited to talk about their music making. Berliner filled the Disney Concert Hall with their amazing music. It is still ringing in my ears.

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