My Faculty Recital at Occidental College 2/26/10

February 26, 2010

My Faculty Recital at Occidental College

I had my annual faculty recital on Tuesday 23 at Occidental College. I repeated the program from January s performance at Clarke Library. It is always so nice to play at our own schools! And I was glad to see students and friends in the audience! I enjoy playing my current repertoire a lot, my love of Spanish and South American music, jazz-classic synthesis pieces, and Russian Romantic music and etc–. Also I am very excited to perform Bach D Minor keyboard concerto later in this spring! Well– of course it is different than this recital program, but I always love to play his music. Yes, it is Bach! To celebrate Chopin and Schumann for their centennial year I will perform cello-piano repertoire by those birthday boys in this spring as well.

It is still a big challenge for me (after so many years!!) to play an entire recital by memory, but I like to keep doing it. I remember Earl Wild once said he keeps practicing for 4 hours a day to keep his fingers moving ( unfortunately he passed away last year). I heard his recital in LA when he was in late 80s. It was a great concert! It is something we can look for in our entire lives to get better on our instruments. It will come only after we keep doing it!

Spring is approaching! Our friend Dove mama has laid her eggs already in her spring house in our backyard. She usually gives birth to 4 or 5 sets of dove babies in each spring! Have a nice weekend!

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