My Birthday! 3/20/10

March 21, 2010

My birthday is in March. The school system in Japan is different, and the new year starts at the beginning of April. So I was usually the youngest in the class! On the first day at the high school I was late for the school  because of the traffic difficulty, but I was forgiven by the teacher (after he scolded!) because I was youngest!

We went to “Kiwami”, one of the best Japanese restaurant in LA, last year for my birthday, and we loved it so we chose again to go there. They offer “Omakase” in “Omakase room”. It is a special course meal served by the chef in the special room! The food is wonderful, and each dish is so beautiful. Also the food is so creative. They never serve the usual items in the usual way, and they combine the unique items together. We sat in “Omakase room” for almost 3 hours to enjoy food coming one by one! We chose the original sake because it has dry and clear taste to go with food very well.

I take my lunch when I teach at Occidental College, and I usually cook at home. So it is very nice to treat myself for the special dinner! I was super satisfied and happy!

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