My Recital at Newport Beach Public Library 3/8/10

March 8, 2010

I had 3 solo recitals this spring, and I played the last one at Newport Beach Library yesterday. Newport Beach is located in Orange County, and it is more than 60 miles from my house! Los Angeles area is huge!! So it was my first visit to Newport Beach. The library is a beautiful architecture, and the auditorium is located facing to the court yard. It gives us an open feeling. I liked it! I enjoyed performing there, and it is always nice to meet the audience after the performance. I chatted with many nice people. After the recital I went to Valencia (20 miles from my house, and opposite of Newport Beach!), Cal Arts, to perform with a young and talented trombone player. He played great, and I had a good time performing with him!

Los Angeles is still pretty cold, not like usual March weather. We have had so much rain this spring, and we are still using heater!

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