Dave Moore bass recital at USC 4/3/10

April 5, 2010

Dave is one of the best bass players/teachers, and I am always happy to play with him for his faculty recital. His program included 2 pieces by Rabath, Sperger-Sonata, Rota-Divertimento Concertante, and the unaccompany piece by Henze.  As always he played with wonderful expression and energy, and I had a great time performing with him! Rota is an interesting piece in many aspects. Rota is known to be a composer for Fellini’s films. I could hear and almost see the scene from his movies in this piece. Harmonies are often unique (!) and unexpected (!), but Rota can write the beautiful melodies! The 2nd movement reminded me the sound and the attitude of Prokofiev. Because it is the orchestra reduction for piano I played long orchestra tuttis around the piece. First I thought this is a bass recital and the audience may throw things at me, like Fellini’s movie, during my solo, but I finally enjoyed playing those moments 🙂  Dave, Congratulations! And I look forward to playing with you in few weeks for other occasion.

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