Los Angeles Violoncello Society Scholarship Audition and the Concert 4/29/10

April 29, 2010

It was my pleasure to assist and support very gifted young cellists over the 2 events at Los Angeles Violoncello Society, scholarship audition and the winners concert.  It was so wonderful to hear those hard-working young cellists up to the age 14. I accompanied as young as 7 years old and up to 14 years, and I was very impressed by everyone performed for this audition.  Their hard work for preparation, the parents’ support, the teachers’ excellent guidance—. They need everything to come to this high level. I sat down in the audience while I was not playing with the students at the concert, and I was very moved. Congratulations for everybody! I look forward to participating for the future events! And thank you for the great work by Los Angeles Violoncello Society to provide this great opportunity for the future musicians!

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