My Piano Studio Recital at Occidental College 4/29/10

April 29, 2010

To conclude our semester in piano I always organize a friendly and casual recital for my piano students at Occidental College.  I have all kinds of students, music majors and non-music majors, and it is an opportunity to perform each other at the end of the semester. When I started to teach this school 5 or 6 years ago there was unofficial juries for every student who was taking piano lesson, and I thought that was not appropriate in the liberal arts college environment. I remember some of my students quit coming toward the end of the semester because of this jury system.  They were scared! (juries mean in music performance test)  I am glad I can provide different atmosphere now! The music majors and the scholarship recipients have to perform at the jury, but not for others! I was proud of everybody last night at our studio recital, and enjoyed listening their music and achievement. Each student has different goal in piano, and I try to accommodate and would like to help them to reach their goals.

Tomorrow will be our official juries so some of my students will repeat their repertoire from the recital. And our spring semester will be done!

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