As A Sumo Fan– 5/20/10

May 20, 2010

I have been a big Sumo fan since when I was a child in Japan, and followed time to time. There are 6 Sumo tornaments in a year, January(Tokyo), March(Osaka), May(Tokyo), July(Nagoya), September(Tokyo), November(Fukuoka), and each last 15 days from Sunday to Sunday. I have studied enough to understand their techniques, favorite skills, and I know most of Juryo and Makuuchi Rikishi (Juryo and Makuuchi are their ranking, and the top rankings are Yokozuna, Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusubi in Makuuchi. rikishi=Sumo Wrestlers). Each match has the drama!! And of course Sumo has long history so the ritual and the ceremonial parts are very important as well.

Now it is in May Basho (tournament) in Tokyo. When I am in Japan during Basho of course I go to Kokugi-kan (Sumo Venue in Tokyo) to see their matches. Some of my old favorite Rikishi, like Chiyo-no-Fuji, become Oyakata (teachers) and we can see them in Kokugi-kan or on TV as a commentator. Those 15 days every other month I dedicate myself to follow Sumo matches! LA is 16 hours behind Japan, and it is not easy to watch their live matches on TV because it is 12am-2am in summer time! But as an authentic Sumo fan I try to stay awake–, if not I watch their replays! There are 3 days to finish this Basho, and it seems Yokozuna Hakuho got the championship of this Basho. Min-na Ganbatte!

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