Concert at Renaissance Arts academy in LA 5/9/10

May 9, 2010

My husband and I performed at Renaissance Arts Academy as a part of partner program of Los Angeles Philharmonic Education Department last Friday.  Ren Arts is a small public charter school with performing arts emphasis for middle-high school students. The uniqueness of this school is their policy of One Room School. They don’t have individual class rooms. All of students study in one huge room! They gather several big desks for each group. So when we perform they put the desks and chairs away, and the room become a concert hall! It reminds me the lives of  Japanese family in old days. They lived in small Tatami room which was used for many occasions, dining room, study room for kids, and bed room. When they go to sleep they put tables and pillows away, and put Futon to sleep.

It is a very successful school! Our program of bicentennial program was well received and we got some very interesting questions from the students at the end. I love to visit schools to play music!

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