Schumann/Chopin Bicentennial Concerts 5/20/10

May 20, 2010

As a member of Belrose Duo, cello and piano duo with my husband David Garrett, I have performed 3 concerts on bicentennial program of Chopin and Schumann this spring.  Chopin wrote An Introduction and Polonaise, and Sonata for cello and piano, and both are fantastic pieces to play and listen.  Polonaise was written when he was about 20 years old and even before he went to Paris. Sonata was written before he passed away and after he broke up with Sand.  So those 2 pieces show so much different aspects of Chopin’s life. I love both pieces! Both are idiomatic, but are still very technical! And they show to us the greatness of this piano composer! Schumann’s 3 pieces, Adagio and Allegro, Fantasy Pieces, and 5 Folk Pieces, are typical of Schumann’s music, romance, poem, character, visual–.  Technically they are not demanding as Chopin’s 2 pieces on this program, but musically they are very deep. 2 players do the musical conversations constantly, and need to be flexible in phrases. 

I play so many different programs all the time, and I have great joy learning new pieces! But playing the music of Chopin/Schumann stands in a special part of my piano life.  I go back to my root , and really face to myself to polish my technique, phrasing, timbre, and voicing. My fingers feel great playing the music of  piano composers.  Now I practice for Bach’s concerto in D Minor coming up in few weeks!

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