Home Made Rose Water 7/26/10

July 26, 2010

I experimented to make rose water this year (picture in photo section of this website) using veryeasy recipe. I understand that the people in the old days used this rose water as perfume. We need fresh roses so it is little bit sad to pick them up when they look perfect. We combine rose peddles with vodka (funny?)  in a jar, like 1:1 and leave it in few days. We have to shake occasionally. Then it is done! How easy! After taking out the peddles we can enjoy the fragrance and the color! I chose”Sweet Surrender” and “Voluptuos” for the first butch, separately. Voluptuos have stronger smell in my new perfume than Sweet Surrender! They both got the pretty color! If you grow roses it is another way to enjoy.

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