Mojavi Desert— 7/10/10

July 14, 2010

On the way home from Yosemite we took 395 to 14. This route goes through Mojave desert surrounded by the mountains. After the last light from the sunset it became total darkness. I had to fight against the big nature force. Of course we can’t see anything, we can’t touch anything, it is just a big space between mountains. I was feared by un-seen nature—, as if the darknesswas pushing me to the edge of the earth. There were only few cars going by so it was really dark and solitude. Jack Rabbits and mise crossed the road. I saw some lights in the space few times, and those are living human houses. I was just amazed by those farmers, living in solitude. But they have a big nature show every night, beautiful stars above. Just few hours from LA the life was different and big.

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