Picnic at Hollywood Bowl 7/29/10

July 29, 2010

Every summer I enjoy having a picnic at Hollywood Bowl before the concert, at least once a summer! I went there with freinds and my husband (he is in LA Phil so it is so great to go with him. The musicians have an access to VIP parking!) last Tuesday, and we enjoyed our picnic. There are many tables around the Bowl, and we sit down one of them. It is so nice to be outside having wine and food, and chat! This picnic is a tradition at the Bowl, and many people come early to enjoy this relaxing moment.  If you have not been to LA it may be strange–. We have pretty cool evening in summer  so people come with blankets and thick jackets for the concert!

We love this outside theatre! Summer at Hollywood Bowl is one of greatest things to do in LA!

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