Central America Tour – from El Salvador 9/26/10

September 29, 2010

After visiting Cuba I am in El Salvador. Cuba was very hot and humid, but it was very beautiful to see the clean blue sky and the deep blue color beach. The light shower greeted me at the El Salvador airport, and once I entered in the city of San Salvador it was slightly cold!

El Salvador is the same as most of Central-South American countries, governed by Spain for long time, and El Salvador made the independency in 1823. But for the next 60 years they had many fights inside of the country, and the wars against Honduras and Nicaragua so the country was very mess. After this difficulty coffee business became in demand with European countries, and “14 families” became very rich and eventually became cores of El Salvador in politics and businesses. Of course it created the poverty and they started to protest. So it lead to the new government, but it was not the end. This country has been facing to the constant confusion and inside fights. In 1984 the left party became the majority, and they promised to control the country’s confusion, but they could not–. In 1991 finally the right party made a peace treaty to calm down the country’s long struggle. Again it was not the end. In 2009 new left party won the election. Since then the government has been trying to change the system, and reform the education including music and arts.

The Japanese Ambassador invited me and El Salvadorian politicians in the Cultural Department for the special dinner a day before the concert. The arts education has been abandoned under the right party for many years, and they are trying to change. They have many wonderful plans, but it seems those plans are in progress.

So my concert was a part of El Salvador’s new wave! Of course the main purpose of this tour is to introduce great Japanese music and Japanese culture to those countries, and I communicate with people through music! It was so fortunate that I got many many people for my concerts, one in San Salvador and other one in Santa Ana. Both were in the National Theaters, and I love those Arl Deco European Style Auditorium. They are beautiful and have great acoustics!
For the encores I played first the famous Japanese folk song,, “Sakura Sakura” and finished with the El Salvador folk tunes. People got CRAZY when I started to play their song! I had a wonderful time in El Salvador, and have plan to play 2 concerts in Mexico. Mexico is a HUGE country so my visit will be slightly different than the other 2 countries. I will write to you from Mexico!

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