Summer is Over! 9/2/10

September 2, 2010

My school, Occidental College, started yesterday! Officially summer is over! This summer was very productive, and I had a lot of fun with friends and family. I think it was one of the best ones! Especially last summer was the worst, struggleing, many nights of no sleeping–. I don’t mind to have challenge and difficulty, but there was no way I could improve the situation. I felt so tired at the end of the summer. So that’s why this summer is nominated into Best 10!

 It is always hard to go back to school, but once I start meeting with students and teaching them I feel very energized and happy. I love teaching. I love students.  I love the atmosphere around Occidental College. My tour is coming up in 3 weeks, and the first concert in 2010-11 is scheduled in 2 weeks in LA. And the newest CD I released few years ago is named “Cancion para Piano”, and that is my concept when I play piano. I want Piano to sing, to tell the story, to express feeling.

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