LA Bach Festival 10/24/10

October 25, 2010

I attended 2 concerts at Bach Festival this past weekend, Prism Concert on Friday 10/22 and St. John Passion on Sunday 10/24. My dear friend, Jonathan Talberg, is an artistic director of LA Bach Festival, and my husband, David Garrett, was one of the performers in those concerts. With Jonathan’s imaginative and creative idea and the high level of fantastic players the concerts were very successful! Congratulations! Prism concert was accompanied with Laser Show and Lighting, and the church looked so beautiful, as if I was in the fantasy world! And we can’t forget the great architecture of First Congregational Church. This Gothic church reminds us pretty much Europe. The venue was entirely full on those nights. Bach’s St. John Passion is touching, moving, and unforgettable music. David played beautiful Viola da Gamba solo at the important moment in Passion. Wayne, an organist, played excellent organ/harpsichord on those concerts. He is a big talent! Again congratulations! Jonathan!

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