Olivier Messiaen “Turangalila-symphonie” Dudamel, Thibaudet, and LA Phil on Thursday 10/14/10

October 20, 2010

To listen this monumental work in live was something  beyond I imagined. I think I had heard some portion of this piece before, but it was my first time to listenthis 80 minutes long piece. It is an impressive work in many aspects, especially in piano writing. I was so impressed by Thibaudet’s devotion to this piece. He was really in the music for the whole 80 minutes. He was having a great time! He was in full of joy and expression. This shows another aspect of his piano life. I have heard his CDs of Satie, Bill Evans, Opera tunes, Debussy preludes—, and I love all of those CDs. His musical interest is so versatile, and he is capable to do anything in the highest level. Amazing!!  Of course the orchestra sounded great and it was fantastic to see Dudamel’s conducting and music guidance! I am curious how he will conduct this piece in 30 years—.

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