Pischna, my piano buddy 10/9/10

October 11, 2010

We need to take our cars for maintenance, we trim our hair, some people pay lots of money for nails, we go to the doctors for annuals–. I use “Pischna” for my piano technique maintenance. When I was 15 I met a great piano professor who told me that I needed to re-start my piano technique for the next step. I took his words seriously because I totally agreed with him. The book of  “Pischna” was one  of our vehicles. It contains 60 exercises, and it takes about 1 hour to play the whole book. It is not “Chopin Etudes Op. 10 and 25”! It is “a boot camp” type exercise book.

I still use this book, especially when I feel my fingers are stiff, or out of practice. After 1 hour playing the entire book I can feel my fingers are awake, nimble, and sensitive. After few days of playing the whole book I can feel my fingers are back.  We have to practice this book wisely, thinking about the purpose of each exercise and which parts of fingers and hands are the points of each exercise.  I try to concentrate on the parts of fingers and feel the connection from the brain to the tips of fingers. Even on regular days I start with first several exercises of Pischna with some scales for my warm-ups.

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