The Difference between the Japanese and Western Societies 10/11/10

October 11, 2010

I was watching NHK (one of the biggest Japanese Broadcast Channel) the other day, and I was shocked what I heard. It was an interview program with the experienced actor. He was talking about how he started his career. In that conversation he was making fun of gay people. I am sure he did not mean anything. I just could not believe it, not only his speech, but also the NHK did not cut it. I don’t know the Japanese society is more tolerate and accepting, or just insensitive.  I have been living in USA for many years, and I am very aware of discrimination issues. As an Asian myself I would be very sensitive if the topic are about the races or nationalities.  As a woman myself I would be very sensitive if the topics are about gender and marital status. I hope the Japanese society keeps tolerance, but pays attention to the people’s sensitivities.

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