Food and Friendship 12/1/10

December 1, 2010

One of my “having a wonderful time” is to enjoy the conversation over good foods with good friends! My husband and I spent Thanksgiving day at frineds’ house. These friends became LA Family to us over the last few years. They are great music lovers, enjoy good food & wine, and fun & interesting chat! The Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic with a  hint of German taste, which is their origin. They are good cooks as well! The evening went so fast with full and happy tummy! On Sunday during Thanksgiving weekend we invited our music friends over our house for Sushi dinner! They are one of the best guests ever! They ate so well (so as we) and made me so happy! Again the evening went so fast with food, sake, chat, and laughter! I had a great weekend, 2 parties and a concert! Happy Holiday!

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