Movie – Tampopo 12/23/10

December 24, 2010

Again I watched the movie on DVD at home. Do you remember we moved around the rooms in our house to create the family/TV room little while ago. So watching TV at home is my new way of free nights ! I have not done for 10 years!

Tonight was Japanese movie, Tampopo. It was done by Juzo Itami in 1986. If you have seen only Japanese samurqi movies please watch this one. If you have seen only Kurosawa and Mizoguchi please watch this one. If you have seen only Japanese Anime please watch this one. This movie changed the style of Japanese movies. It is very imaginative, creative, and FUNNY. It is almost 2 hours, but the time goes very fast!  I have seen it for several times, but I enjoy so much each time! The story is to make a best Ramen shop in Tokyo. The main actress is the wife of the director. Unfortunately the director committed suicide. That was a big loss in Japanese movie business. Tampopo stands as a big statue in the movie world.

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