Moving in the House?? 12/15/10

December 15, 2010

It is not easy to find a perfect house for musician couple, like us. We gave up most of downstairs for the music room and the music library so we have been living in the house without a living room or a  family room. Except the dining place we did not have anyplace to sit down together for last 10 years. We watched even the same program on TV in the separate rooms!! Even family and friends visits we did not have a room to relax! It is time! Either moving to the better house or rearranging the rooms–. So I decided to rearrange the rooms upstairs. It took more than a week to complete. The best room in the house is the master bed room because of the size and the nice view. So it is now a family room with L shape couch and the big desk (table!) for an office space. Because of my husband’s publishing side business he owns many equipments and thousands of papers! So the walking closet became a storage for office supplies.

Anyway it is done! I love this new situation! Even thought My husband agreed for this change he may have been missing his private time in his private space?? I don’t know!  I am sure there are so many musicians have similar situation. It is tough! We need a house for practicing, teaching and rehearsing. So we carry our business in the house.  Until we  move into the better house we will stay in this newly organized house. How many years?? I don’t know.

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