Dutilleux Violin Concerto and Brahms, LA Phil and violinist, Leonidas Kavakos, 5/5/11

May 7, 2011

I have special feeling to the music of Dutilleux. I played his sonata for my graduation project at Toho Conservatory in Tokyo for my B.M. I was a favorite (!) pianist in a flute studio at Toho, and I performed his sonata for flute and piano for many times. And I still play this sonata a lot. Few years ago I helped my friend for his performance of Dutilleux cello concerto. And last Thursday I heard his violin concerto for the first time. It is a beautiful, colorful, meditative, and thoughtful piece. And Kavakos delivered Dutilleux world wonderfully. The program was paired with 2 Brahms pieces, Symphony No. 1 and Academic Festival Overture. I may have written before–. I was a pianist for the conducting class at Toho (Am I nostalgic today???)  taught by Seiji Ozawa and other major conductors in Japan, and I played Brahms 1st symphony the most! So even as a pianist goes I know this piece pretty well. The orchestra sounded fantastic as always, but Dudamel’s tempo choices  were often slow side, and I had  a hard time to feel the direction in music. But all the solos were great, and LA Phil sounded as strong as ever. It was a special night to listen Brahms symphony and Dutilleux violin Concerto at Disney Concert Hall. (And I saw Dudamel in the backstage!)

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