Steven Mackey Violin Concerto played by Leila Josefowicz, and Brahms German Requiem at LA Phil 5/13/11

May 13, 2011

I was very very impressed by Mackey’s violin concerto yesterday at the dress rehearsal of LA Phil’s subscription concert. It is a great piece! And of course Josefowicz can play!!! With her command, intensity, energy, technique– this violin concerto sounded amazing. It reminded me Barber violin concerto. 2 composers use the different musical languages, but I felt the spirit between 2 pieces  are similar. If you have not heard Josefowicz’s violin playing you are missing something very important. Pair with this violin concerto all time favorite Brahms German Requiem is on the program. I have been a rehearsal pianist for several occasion on German Requiem. So I know the piece pretty well, and it is my favorite piece as well! Both soloists deliver the text with deep expression. Great music making continues between Dudamel and LA Phil at Disney Concert Hall.

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