Carmagedone to Carmaheaven, Japan’s triumph at Soccer Match, and my Goldberg performance, then going to Opera “Turandot” at Hollywood Bowl 7/17/11

July 18, 2011

It was a busy and exciting Sunday 7/17/11! 405 closure, called Carmagedone, this weekend turned to be a peaceful experience in LA. People are smart and we know how the traffic would affect on us so we avoided the area wisely. But it was ironic that as soon as 405 reopened they had an accident caused the huge back-ups!

We have been following the World Women’s Soccer matches for last several weeks, and it came to the final match. I can not express how great the Japanese team won!! Japan needed this excitement to hope for our country. The end of the game was just right before I played my recital. I was lucky to watch the last few minutes of the game. I forgot to worry for memory slips on Goldberg Variations which was actually good! I choose about the half of Goldberg to perform. I was still pretty much in excitement from the Japan’s triumph when I started to talk to the audience about J.S.Bach, and this piece. It is a big challenge to play through Goldberg. It requires focus and endurance, but it gives me joy to play as well. I will perform segments for several occasions in August. I have been in J.S.Bach Boot Camp this summer 🙂

To conclude a day my friends and I went to Hollywood Bowl to enjoy Puccini’s romantic Opera “Turandot”  conducted by Dudamel. The cast was fantastic. I was drown to the music, but the end of the story was little cheapy—-. Anyway We enjoyed the Hollywood Bowl evening with wine and snacks, mostly to celebrate for Japan’s triumph (only for me). If you don’t know LA summer you may not believe that we need to wear the jackets to sit through the concert in the evening. It is just beautiful.

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