Los Angeles Cello Society Concert of Pieces by Local Composers 10/10/11

October 10, 2011

I was an honor member (!) of cello society yesterday. I was an only piano participant. The program consisted different type of composers from LA, now and past. The highlight was to hear Lynn Harrell playing on John Williams: A Young Person’s Guide to the Cello. My first impression was that he looked so easy with cello, as if he was just sitting on the chair and cello was leaning on him. No tension between the player and the instrument! It was wonderful to hear his playing on the small structured piece in close distance. My husband, David Garrett, and I played Figaro from “The Barber Seville” byRossini-Castelnuovo Tedesco. It is a super fun piece with silliness and brilliance. A good piece to finish the program!

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