The Bucket List and J.S.Bach:Goleberg Variations 10/24/11

October 25, 2011

I have written about J.S.Bach: Goldberg Variations for several times this year. I have been practicing this piece to prepare for the concert at LA Bach Festival on Sat. 10/22/11. Fortunately my concert at LA Bach Festival was sold out, and I am happy how I played. Many audience members told me that they were transformed. It is a power of Goldberg Variations. Before the concert I prayed to God how much I appreciate for this opportunity, I don’t get trapped into fear of memory slip (it is more than 70 minutes long!), and instead of worry I can enjoy the musical journey. It is a very special music to play and to listen.

My friends were chatting about the Bucket List at the party several years ago. Someone said to go to Venice to spend a month, others had some other ideas of exortic travels. I was asked what is in my mind. I wanted to say I want to play a  good recital. I thought it was too serious at the moment so I did not answer it. Yes, performing Goldberg Variations is my bucket list. I put the music of Goldberg for now, and will start practicing in December for January performances.

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