My 3rd Journey on Goldberg Variations 1/16/12

January 16, 2012

I performed my 3rd Goldberg Variations concert last Saturday January 14th at First United Methodist Church of Pasadena. I love piano and the acoustic at this venue. Playing Bach in this beautiful sanctuary is very special. Thanks to LA Times concert announcement I got many community audience! One audience said when her husband invited her to come to this concert she thought it will be very long, but once the piece started and she got involved into the music she forgot the time. That is the power of Goldberg Variations. I, a performer, go through the different stage of journey during 70-80 minutes of concert. Interestingly I think and feel entirely different at each concert. Many people comment on the memorization and endurance. Yes, that is there! But I still feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to play this monumental work, and I will have Goldberg Variations forever! I will play it again in Florida soon.

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