Dudamel and LA Phil/Simon Bolover Orchestra Mahler 8 – Symphony of a Thousand 2/10/12

February 12, 2012

I went to the dress rehearsal of Mahler 8 “Symphony of a Thousand” at Shrine Auditorium in LA. This concert is the conclusion of Dudamel’s Mahler project. There were literally 1000 people on stage, or even more that 1000 people, including 2 orchestras and several choirs around town. I don’t know the scientific background, but it was very interesting and impressive to hear the rich sound from 1000. It does not get just loud when there are more people and instruments playing. It was a very special experience sitting front of 1000 musicians and hearing the music. And soloists were fabulous! Now they are in Caracas to continue Mahler project in Venezuela. I have been to Caracas for twice as a part of my south American tours, and I remember the different atmospher in Caracas than the other south American cities, like Bogota, Quito–. I hope the best for their continuous success in Venezuela! Please see the photo of 1000 people on the stage in the photo gallery.

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