A Movie “Waiting for Guffman” 3/31/12

March 31, 2012

It is an amazing movie!! It was again one of Laemmle’s Sneak Preview at Playhouse 7 in Pasadena. This theater is my FAVORITE!! The director/co-writer/a lead actor is Christopher Guest, and he does very creative, imaginative, funny, charming, and skillful work on this movie. I don’t know why this movie has not been popular—-. All of actors/actresses are impressive. Christopher Guest (Corky St. Claire) came to a small town of Blaine, Missouri, to create a musical stage at town’s high school gym celebrating their sesquicentennial. The title of the musical is “Red, White, and Blaine”!! The movie moves from the audition to choose cast from the community to process of rehearsals and a performance, and we can’t stop laughing!! The actors and actresses are very skillful to act dumb/unsophisticated  characters. Instantly I became a huge fan of Corky!! It is a small town parody in very sophisticated acting. I learned later that the actors and actresses improvised most of time during filming (in Texas). I hope we can see this great movie on DVD. Strong recommendation!!!



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