Cello Ensemble Concert by LA Cello Society at Piatigorsky Festival 3/15/12

March 15, 2012

After the dress rehearsal of 2 cello concertos I crossed over Grand Ave. and attended LA Cello Society’s cello ensemble concert. FYI: I am on spring break from Occidental College’s teaching this week (!) 3 groups were presented and I enjoyed them all. Somehow a middle of Ave Maria by the second group I started thinking those cellists (I know many many cellists!) raised the kids (if they are married), bought houses and cars, put food on table everyday, and many more things, from playing cello. That is something very special, not many people can do. I noticed tears in my eyes. We often complain things (that is the sign of living. Once we die no more complaining), but making a good living playing/singing music is really special. My husband organized this event, and bravo to him!

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