Schubert: Winterreise D. 911 by Eschenbach and Goerne 4/20/12

April 22, 2012

I love lieder, especially Schubert and Schumann. I was lucky to be introduced those great songs when I was in the Performing Arts High School in Japan. As piano major we needed to take Accompaniment Class, and we played many different songs and our teacher sang with us. Last 20 years I collaborated with many singers. Eschenbach and Goerne created amazing Schubert world in Disney Hall on Wednesday 4/18/12. Goerne wove text with his rich and smooth voice, and Eschenbach provided transparent and thoughtful tone for Winterreise. 2 musicians seemed as if they were at Eschenbach’s music room playing each other. Schubertiad?? I have strong respect for Eschenbach’s chamber music. I have an interesting anecdote related to Eschenbach. When I was living in Houston, TX, I had a piano trio group, including 2 musicians from Houston Symphony where Eschenbach was a music director, my husband, cello, and our friend, violin. We asked Eschenback to name our piano trio. He took first part of names from us, and named “Ga-Shi-Ga”! We played together until we left Houston. We are in LA and she is in Cleveland.

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