Green Umbrella Concert at Disney Hall 5/11/12

May 11, 2012

I went to LA Phil’s New Muisc Group “Green Umbrella” last Tuesday 5/8, featuring 3 pieces Akiho: Alloy, Pereira: Concerto for Percussion and Chamber Orchestra, and Berio: Recital I (for Cathy). In Akiho “Foundry Steel Pan Ensemble”, a dozen percussionists ensemble, presented refined performance with amazing energy. Their performance reminded me Japanese Taiko groups. “Foundry Steel Pan Ensemble” plays by memory and it was as if choreographed.  They not only played with strong command and technique but also looked beautifully together. I look forward for Akiho’s future project and destination. Pereira’s piece was very colorful and imaginative in many sections. I thought it was interesting to use a solo percussion as a colorful instrument. The solo part never went to virtuoso (or showy?) playing. Also there were 2 more percussion players in the ensemble and they had big roles in the piece. In Berio Keira Duffy, soprano, did excellent job presenting different types of arts, classical singing in many different styles, acting, reciting poems, —-. There are not many singers who can handle this kind of demand. It was written for Berio’s wife/artistic partner, Cathy Berberian. Actually it was written after they got divorced (they kept inspiring relationship until her death). Recital I shows Berio’s creative mind and fun spirit. I loved this work!!! Without Berberian in Berio’s mind I am sure this work could not be produced. I don’t go to every Green Umbrella concert, but it was one of the best ones I remember.

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