New York Philharmonic Debut in Disney Concert Hall 5/11/12

May 11, 2012

A night after the exciting Green Umbrella Concert I visited Disney Hall for New York Philharmonic concert. I understand it is their first national tour with Alan Gilbert. I thought their tour program was well-made, Dvorak: Carnival, Op. 92, Lindberg: Piano Concerto No. 2 with Yefim Bronfman as a soloist, and Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4. The concert hall is like instruments in bigger scale. Even in the same space or on the same instrument individual players and group would sound entirely different. New York Philharmonic showed refined ensemble playing, and filled Disney Hall with full warm sound. Especially in Tchaikovsky wood-winds section played as if they were playing chamber music, tossing phrases from one instrument to the other with beautiful tone and united-ness. I was mesmerized. Also brass section from trumpet to tuba they sit in one row, and showed again as if they were playing brass ensemble. All together as a orchestra with amazing string sections they sounded really special to my ears. Lindberg Concerto has a super super virtuoso piano solo part! Of course Bronfman played it with his great technique and highly claimed his new music interpretation. I can’t think any other pianist can handle this kind of demand. He did Salonen’s piano concerto few years ago. In piano concerto Some passages reminded me Liszt’s music and demanding technique reminded me Prokofiev’s second piano concerto. I had another wonderful music evening at Disney Hall.

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