The Belrose Duo, Russian Program in Pasadena 5/7/12

May 8, 2012

Our duo, The Belrose Duo, David, my husband, on cello, and I on piano, played all Russian program “From Russia With Love” last Saturday in Pasadena. I am so grateful that there are many many amazing works for cello and piano, and we have been enjoying performing together on those works for almost 20 years. The program consisted Rachmaninov: Sonata, Prokofiev: Sonata, Tchaikovsky:Pezzo Capriccioso, and Kapustin: Nearly Waltz. I would assume we performed Rachmaninov for 30 times?? It is always my favorite piece to play. This was written around the time Rachmaninov composed his all time favorite Piano Concerto No. 2 after he recovered from his depression. He combined the best from each instrument. Cello sings his baritone voice, and piano plays flashy passages. I still use the music, but I usually play by ear. I know all of cellos parts. I just love playing this piece! Contrast to Rachmaninov Prokofiev is a character piece. It is really fun to play. Kapustin is our new repertoire. After I performed Kapustin’s Toccata for piano I wanted to play more pieces by him. It is a well-written jazz piece. Great Russian tradition on piano playing is seen in all of those pieces, and Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, and Kapustin are exceptional pianists. The program is very satisfying for me, and I was happy how I played! This program will continue for 3 more occasions this summer!

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