A Recital with a Fantastic Cellist, Denise Djokic 6/12/12

June 12, 2012

I had a great time rehearsing and performing with Denise Djokic, an amazing young cellist, on Friday June 8 at Sound Encounters summer music camp in Kansas!!  I have been coming to Sound Encounters since 2000, and this “Encounter” was one of the best experiences at this music camp. We performed together on Six Studies in English Folksong by Vaughan-Williams, Sonatas by Debussy and Chopin, and she performed Britten’s 3rd Suite, Op. 87. We never knew each other until we got to Sound Encounters. But I felt good from the first note we played together, and as we rehearsed more we got more comfortable expressing ourselves, and at the concert we played together strongly and had a lot of fun!! Denise is a great musician, thoughtful, imaginative, creative, —-with a fantastic technique. When she is not playing cello she is just sweet and nice, but once she holds cello she is intensively focused into music making. I play solos often, but it is so fun being a collaborative pianist meeting great musicians! I will stay at this music camp until 16th for more music making and teaching.

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