CD – Jorge Luis Prats Live in Zaragoza 7/27/12

July 27, 2012

This CD, Decca, is my newest great discovery which I found at Amoeba Record in Hollywood. This store carries very interesting CD selection, new and used. Mr. Prats is playing Goyescas by Granados, Bachiana brasileira No. 4 by Villa-Lobos, and smaller pieces by Farinas, Cervantes and Lecuona in this CD. I am honest to tell you that I never heard this pianist before, but his repertoire attracted me to buy his CD. Very soon after I started to listen it I knew it is something special. His piano playing has soul, emotion, and singing, and of course his technique is effortless. After he won the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud competition in 1977 he recorded his first LP, and concertized in Europe, mostly Soviet Union. But visa restriction limited Mr. Prats’ performance opportunities in Western World (He is a Cuban), opportunities for us to hear him as well. But in 2008 DVD from Miami international Piano Festival came to the attention. One lead to the next, and finally to this CD recording at Zaragoza. I have been listing this CD for several times, and each time I am touched by his deep expression, especially in Granados and Villa-Lobos. He makes piano sob and sing.  I have been thinking what makes Mr. Prats piano playing so different from others. I hope to hear him in real live concert in near future.

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