Christopher Houlihan Organ Concert on Loius Vierne Symphonies 7/24/12

July 25, 2012

I was very curious about this concert!! So I went the first night, which Houlihan performed symphonies Nos. 1, 3, and 5 by Vierne. The promotional  article on LA Times prior to the concert made me to think this way. So Successful promotion!! The program booklet contains great program notes, the information on supporters (family and friends) for this project, and the performer’s bio. I enjoyed reading those! The concert was held at Our Lady of the Angels in downtown. I have not been this venue for many years since their opening. My recollection was that this venue has long reverberation. I learned that Notre-Dame in Paris has even longer reverberation than this venue! Louis Vierne was an organist at Notre-Dame, and actually he died on the organ bench at his recital in Notre-Dame. That is the way he wanted to finish his life.

It took little while for me to get used to the acoustic in Our Lady of the Angels. I could not hear the individual notes for the most of time—-. Fortunately the person front of me had a music for the first piece so I followed it secretly. It helped me to understand (note: I don’t go to the organ concert often–) the piece. Houlihan’s performance was very impressive. He played the organ with great imagination and technique, yet he kept intellectual side as well. He showed his charm during his speech on pieces. To my ears the sound was blurry and massive in mezzo forte to louder dynamics (when he was playing with softer sound it was beautiful) I suppose the composer, Vierne, meant that sound since Notre-Dame has even longer reverberation. My confession is that I need to get educated to listen organ concerts. It was definitely the amazing project by Houlihan on Vierne’s organ symphonies, which are not performed often, and I look forward to hearing this performer again.

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