J. S. Bach in LA 10/19/12

October 19, 2012

We are blessed to have a BACH week now in LA until next Wednesday October 24, Mr. Andras Schiff will perform WTC Book II. Mr. Mark Swed, a music critic for LA Times, wrote a very good review on Mr. Schiff’s concert last Wednesday on WTC Book I, and I agree with his wonderful observation. Yes, it was an epic….. I saw several of my piano colleagues in the audience that night, and we were in a special moment to experience Mr. Schiff’s amazing music making. As a pianist myself I have played many of WTC Book I and II, but I never performed more than 1 at one concert… Mr. Schiff treated all 24 Prelude and Fugue as a long suite, or like Goldberg Variations. Before this concert I was not sure how I would feel after listening all 24. But his approach to this big picture idea made a big sense to me when all 24 are played. I can imagine if he plays a single Prelude and Fugue he would approach differently, especially tempo choices. Most importantly Mr. schiff looked so relaxed and was having a good time playing those great music (Mr. Swed wrote WTV as a bible, yes, it is to me), fresh and improvisatory, as if he is playing them for the first time. After the concert I had a chance to meet Mr. Schiff in the backstage and he was in the great mood that he just played wonderful music. Also he was very very kind to offer me to go over J. S. Bach’s French Overture with me next week. French Overture is from my concert program for LA Bach Festival this weekend. This piece is not an easy piece to approach (the longest suite J. S. composed), but it is a great work to live with. I am finally starting to feel a connection to this piece, and actually am loving it! It is so fun to bring out the different characters from each movement. I hope you join me this Saturday 20 at LA Bach Festival. My program includes Aria Variata, Partita No. 1, Italian Concerto, and French Overture by J. S. Bach. Yesterday I heard Mr. Stewart Foster’s organ concert at LA Bach Festival at Midday Concert. He is an artist. Under his fingers overly played D minor Toccata and Fugue was so interesting and fun to listen.

Bach in LA continues!

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