Yoga vs. Alexander Technique 12/12/12

December 12, 2012

I have been practicing Yoga daily for 15-20 years. Before going to bed I do several yoga poses for stretching and relaxing and do some floor exercises when I don’t go to gym. I started to practice yoga when I was doing doctoral degree in music at Rice University because of so much stress and work. I believe it worked (!) I earned DMA degree! Besides yoga I know some accu-pressure points so I combine yoga and Tsubo (accu-pressure). Recently with my curiosity I read some books on Alexander Technique. One book was exclusively for musicians. Alexander Technique seems too intellectual to my taste . We usually do things without thinking too much. Like performance, we study and practice hard, but at the actual performance on stage we are not thinking intellectually. We analyze Bach’s fugue in details, but again when we play we go for the flow. It seems understanding body/mind function in Alexander ‘s way can be anti nature. It looks to me his thinking is backward. He tries to put the meaning forth-fully to the acts we usually do naturally without thinking. His thinking may be related to the medicines in Western world. It is still very surprising to me that people in USA rely on medicines so easily instead of straighten the body’ immune system and food to intake. The medicine can be poisonous. Coming from Eastern world, Japan, myself food can be our daily medicine (and fun as well!), and we adjust what we eat and drink according to our body’s needs (Yaku-zen). I may need to take individual lessons and lectures of Alexander Technique to understand deeply. But for now I stick with my routine exercises of Yoga!

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