Bach and Beethoven, and new semester 1/30/13

January 30, 2013

I decided to bring bach J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations in this spring, and have been reworking on the piece. This time I won’t use any pedal so I needed to rethink about the fingerings. Now I really enjoy playing Bach without pedal, and actually I can’t imagine to use it again. The sound is so pure and honest, and somewhat it is more fun! First time when I was learning Goldberg in 2011 I was so stressed about playing this monumental work, a 70+minutes long piece without break. I was so worried… But this time I am, of course, more relaxed, andpurely enjoying this amazing music. I like to bring out different stories and characters from each variation. ( I am still convinced this is the piece I would like to take if I have to go to an isolated island!) I can feel Bach’s humor and mischievous attitude, and it gives me smile. I enjoy French and Italian hands crossing even though it never be easy. I like to hear the different voices, and make them sing independently. So fun!! But I MUST focus disciplined practice as well to be really secure. I have several Goldberg Variations performances in February, and in March I will play one of the best piano concertos ever written, Beethoven’s 4th concerto. I feel I don’t need to explain how great this piece is. It is sweet, sensitive, beautiful, warm, deep, emotional, positive, fun… everything! If you don’t know this piece please please listen it at least once.

My spring season has so many great music to play. I am happy to be in this situation even though my schedule is so packed between practicing and teaching. The new semester started last week at Occidental College, and I have 32 piano students this semester. I am so grateful that many students would like to study with me. Occidental College is a liberal arts school, not music school, so I have different level of students with diverse goal in music. I enjoy teaching each student, and it is fun to be creative.

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