My 5th Journey with Goldberg Variations 2/23/13

February 24, 2013

I performed Goldberg Variations for the 5th time this afternoon for Brand Library Music Series. I enjoyed playing them (it takes more than 1 hour to play so my mind was not always calm…!), and I hope I could bring the characters of each variation. I have my personal imagery and feelings about the variations. It has unique keyboard techniques, variety of Baroque dances, canons, and character pieces, and they gave us the path to imagine. After the concert some of audience members asked me very good questions,, and I was happy to talk about the piece with them. This piece always gives the performer and the audience great inspirations. I have a plan to take it to Japan this summer. Meantime I have a music gathering, LA Phil’s Committee, to play and talk about Goldberg Variations next week. I have selected about a half of variations, and discuss on them and perform them. My journey with Goldberg is continuing.



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