Salisburg Steak and Japanese Dark Sauce 5/31/13

May 31, 2013

The life is always very interesting. One day I cooked Japanese style Hamburg Steak, which is much similar to American Meat Loaf. First day I prepared sauce de demi-glace to eat with. Second day for the left overs I prepared mushroom Ankake (Japanese thick dark sauce with Shiitake and other mushrooms) to eat with. My husband commented this Japanese sauce with meatloaf is very much same to Salisburg Steak with dark gravy or brown sauce which he ate often at High School’s cafeteria. My husband is from Midwest. So that got us to RESEARCH on Salisburg Steak. This food was invented by Dr. Salisburg (1823-1905), who was an American physician, and a first low-carbohydrate diet for weight-loss inventor. I haven’t eaten Salisburg Steak yet, and am curious to taste it. According to our research both food, between America and Japan (!), have almost same ingredients, but no connection between them! I love cooking and eating! So fun 🙂

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