LA Phil Gala Concert “Disney Hall 10th Anniversary Celebration” 10/2/13

October 2, 2013

It has been 10 years since the opening of Disney Concert Hall. LA Phil’s 2013-14 season opening gala concert was dedicated to the hall, especially to the architect Frank O. Gehry. The concert program and the video installations were organized with the building’s history. The order of the program was Cage’s 4’33”, a perfect opener to honor Disney Hall. It was longest 4’33” in my life. Such a famous work, it was my first experience being in 4’33”. Then Yo-Yo Ma played J. S. Bach’s Prelude from No. 3 Suite while the beautiful Gehry’s drawings was shown on the video screen. It was a very creative collaboration. As if Yo-Yo Ma was playing a chamber music with the drawings. And Yo-Yo Ma performed Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations. He brought to us an inspirational drama and Tchaikovsky’s romanticism in his outstanding performance. The program continued with Thomas Ades: “These Premises are Alarmed”, and Mahler: 3rd movement from Symphony No. 9 to depict the struggle of the building’s planning and progress. At last Saint-Saens’s organ symphony was performed to celebrate the completion of  Disney Hall. The encore was Disney’s tune to dedicate to Disney family. The concert program followed the story of Disney Concert Hall. It was a wonderful evening!

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