LA Phil Gala Concert- Disney Hall 10th Anniversary Celebration 10/2/13

October 2, 2013

It has been 10 years since the opening of celebrated Disney Hall in LA! LA Phil’s 2013-14 season opening gala concert on Monday September 30 was dedicated to the hall, especially to the architect Frank O Gehry. The concert program and the video installations were organized with the building’s history. The order of the program was Cage’s 4’33”, a perfect opener to make us think where we were. It was longest 4’33” in my life! We experienced so many aspects. Then Yo-Yo Ma played Bach: Prelude from No. 3 suite to go with the beautiful Gehry’s drawings on video screen. It was an amazing collaboration! As if Yo-Yo Ma was playing a chamber music with the drawings. To me the highlight of the concert was next piece, Rococo Variations by Tchaikovsky. Yo-Yo Ma brought an inspirational drama in this piece. I was so moved by the Tchaikovsky’s romanticism and Ma’s exceptional technique and deeply thoughtful expression. The program continued with Ades: These Premises are Alarmed and Mahler: III movement from Symphony No. 9 to depict the struggle of the building’s planning and progress. At last Saint-Saens’s organ symphony was performed to celebrate the completion of  Disney Hall. The encore was Disney’s tune to dedicate to Disney family. It was a well-organized and beautiful gala night.

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