My Many Years Arthur Rubinstein Alfred A . Knopf 1/9/2014

January 9, 2014

First of all this book is the size of an encyclopedia, and I won’t be able to finish for a long time. I have been reading since Christmas, but I still on page. 173… It is an entertaining book! Rubinstein was another piano giant from 20c, and often compared with Horowitz. They were so different! It is amazing to read, if it is all true (!), he had so many relationship with ladies! He was truly a lady man. He was lucky to live in a good time… Also it is very impressive and interesting to learn about his close relationship with composers who wrote pieces for Rubinstein. He loved fancy life, women, good food, night life, gambling, nice clothing.. His humor and wit is evident, and he is a happy man! I will continue his journey wherever he goes.

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