LA Phil Green Umbrella Concert 2/1/14

February 1, 2014

LA Phil’s Green Umbrella Concert on Tuesday January 28 included a wonderful program of Boulez, Carter, and Van der AA. I mostly went to listen Van der AA’s Up-close, but I enjoyed all of the pieces. First of all the conductor, Grad Lubman, is amazing, technically and musically. His hands were very musical. They were really parts of music making. Boulez created a beautiful atmosphere and interesting conversation between the instruments. Carter was very interlectual and technical. And after the intermission Up-close, a cello concerto with string ensemble and video, was played. I loved this piece. The soloist, Johannes Moser, offered everything, even he acted and became a part of video story. Multi-media compositions are trendy, but this piece is so cohesive between music and video story and that effect makes Up-close so strong. Moser is the first male cellist to play this piece because the character in video is a female.

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