Busy Spring 4/23/14

April 23, 2014

We naturally live in the busy era, but for me, this spring has been extremely busy personally and professionally. I lost my beloved brother-in-law in March, bought our second house in LA in March, and many concerts to perform + many students to teach. I have a moment to write a blog today, and up-loaded some photos.

I had a great time having a lunch with fun chat at friends’ house for Easter. I so much value those moments. I have several more concerts to perform before the summer, and the end of the school is within the reach. The student recital will be next Monday, and the juries on Friday. And we have to get ready to move to the new house. It is very exciting. The new house has a great room for music/gathering, and an amazing view with a pool. I look forward  for this new opportunity.

This summer, I have an opportunity to perform in France, and I look forward to it. It has been so many years since I performed there last time, and I can’t wait visiting there. Meantime, I keep enjoying a full life in LA.

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