A Movie “Heaven is for Real” 9/14/14

September 14, 2014

This movie is based on the book (the same name) written by Pastor Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, and directed by Christopher Parker. It has great casting and it is definitely a “feeling good” movie!

Four-year-old Colton Burpo, the son of Pastor Todd Burpo, tells his dad about his story in heaven during his death threaten emergency surgery.  He tells very detailed story, having looked down to see the doctor operating, his mother calling people to pray in the waiting room, and his father in another room talking and yelling at God and etc. Also he tells he met his great-grandfather and his second sister who died before being born. The parents did not tell about these people to Colton yet. Colton has been taught many Christian stories, and it could have been one of stories he has heard before (as a son of the pastor he grew up listening his dad’s preaching and mom reading bible stories), or he really went to the heaven and experienced amazing things. We don’t know, but this movie creates many questions which is the best part, I think.

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