LA Phil: 2014-15 Season Opening Concert 10/6/2014

October 6, 2014

I truly enjoyed this concert. The program included David Lang: Man Made and Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 5, and this programming is an excellent choice to start a new season. “Man Made”, a percussion concerto written for So Percussion (4 percussionists group), is a co-commissioned work and Thursday night was its U. S. Premiere. “Man Made” is so creative, artistic, visually attractive, dramatic, and actually very fun. To me, the effect is a new style of minimalism. The conversation between an orchestra and 4 percussions is the key to bring the intention and drama. They echo each other and create the special atmosphere. I was so involved. And I could feel the entire audience was involved too. During the intermission, my friends and I chatted over this new work. Then, here comes Mahler 5. From the first moment when  the trumpet plays 4 notes to the last note, this symphony convinces us the reason why we like ORCHESTRA. One thing I never thought about is that this piece reminds me the music of Kurt Weill. I started to hear Weill-ish melody and atmosphere, and for a while, I could not get away from it. I need to do some research on the relation between Mahler and Weill. It was a great season opening concert.

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